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Mentoring Resources

Maximize the impact of mentoring


VMP seeks to provide mentors and mentoring programs with a variety of resournces to enhance the quality of mentoring. Check out some resources below, and give us a call at 804-828-1536 to start a conversation about how we can help!

Mentoring Connector: Each month, VMP receives dozens of phone calls from community members in Virginia who want to find nearby mentoring opportunities for both mentors and youth seeking mentors. MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership has designed a free database called Mentoring Connector. Registering your program in Mentoring Connector increases your program's visibility and allows potential mentors and mentees in the area to find your program. VMP's referral process will now rely on the Mentoring Connector database. If your program wishes to continue to receive referrals from VMP, register with Mentoring Connector today!

Mentor Training: Let VMP prepare you or your program's mentors to be effective in relationships with youth. VMP's New Mentor Training teaches participants the ins and outs of how to connect with a mentee, develop supportive communication skills, manage expectations, establish healthy boundaries, and navigate challenges that might arise. Check out training dates here, or email to set up a private training.

Staff Training: VMP provides a variety of content specific trainings for program staff looking to enhance their program's practices. Ranging in topics from screening volunteers to providing mentor support to volunteer recruitment, these trainings can help your program do what you do, better! To check out our schedule of open staff trainings, click here.

One on one consultation on program practices (technical assistance): Are you looking to enhance your mentoring program practices? VMP provides customized consultation to assess and strengthen four key program areas: design, operations, management, and evaluation. Whether your program is just developing or well established, VMP can help ensure program practices align with quality standards. Currently, your program can receive these services at no cost through the National Mentoring Resource Center, an initiative funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and spearheaded by MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership. Visit the National Mentoring Resource Center to learn more and to apply for no-cost technical assistance and training from VMP.

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Referrals: Interested in becoming a volunteer mentor? Parents and guardians, are you seeking a mentoring program for a young person in your life? VMP provides referrals to mentoring programs in our state-wide network with consideration to proximity of program, schedule, interests, etc. Give us a call to start the referral process.

Research: Every two years, VMP collects data from mentoring programs across the state to assemble the State of Mentoring in Virginia report. This analysis helps shed light on trends in mentoring activity and program capacity, and informs VMP's programming and advocacy efforts. To view the State of Mentoring report, click here. In addition to these data collection efforts, VMP works hard to remain up-to-date with the latest research that informs best practices for the field. If your program is interested in using research to build a case for mentoring in your community, check out the Elements of Effective Practice and the Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring.